Working to End Sexual Violence and Help Survivors Find Hope for Healing

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We are proud of the survivors who have had the resilience to speak out.  We can change our culture!  

You should never have to speak about something that you are not comfortable with, but our hope is that by hearing others' stories and keeping up with current trend, you might find that you are not alone.  Survivors are resilient.  We want to let you know there is hope and healing out there. 
Users can enter the name of their rapist(s) through the form in this app in an effort to start the first centralized Rapist Database. All information will be kept confidential, but users may select the option of receiving a notice if another person enters the name of the same rapist in our database.

Users also can anonymously "log" their experience of sexual assault as a first step in breaking the silence.
Get daily notes of encouragement to let you know that you are not alone and that there is help and hope out there.

August 1, 2018
#rapeisaboulder and it ok to talk about it

I talk to many sexual assault survivors who say that they have not told anyone about the assault because they do not want to burden them with this problem. In their book "Boundaries", Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. James Townsend teach us that excess burdens that resulting from crisis (like trauma) are like boulders that can crush us. We are not expected to carry boulders by ourselves. We can run into trouble when we refuse help by acting as if boulders are the same as "daily loads" that we must be responsible enough to carry ourselves. I would say #rapeisaboulder #letsomeonehelp.

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